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Board DMA Godlike 35T for DMA products

The Godlike 35T DMA card with ARTIX 7 chip is one of the best solutions on the market among cards with high chip quality and assembly designed to use cheats with maximum account security. Thanks to modern technology and high chip quality, this card provides reliable data protection and stable software operation. It supports a wide range of functions, which makes it a universal tool for any cheat!

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Nvidia & AMD


It is possible to guarantee complete undetected provided
Use only memory reading of the game
Using KmBox to change the cursor position(aimbot)
Using high-quality firmware. The chance of being banned from dma with this approach tends to 0


BE - Working firmware - Any, often even public. For example, in the same EFT, it is very difficult to get banned even with public firmware, because neither the game developers nor the anti-cheat developers are currently fighting DMA in any way. So even the cheapest firmware for $ 80 will do.
EAC - Working firmware is the Majority. Recently, there has been a massive detection of ClutchSolutions and other prefashed firmware. Any custom firmware for $ 80 - $ 100 will also work
Vanguard - Public firmware - Does not work or gets banned quite quickly. Private firmware - it works. You can find a normal one from $ 160
FACEIT - 90% of All public and private firmware in the detector. You can find a normal firmware from $ 1000


Delivery will be carried out via Yandex or SDEK from our warehouse in the Russian Federation. The approximate delivery time to most regions is from 2 to 5 days. If the cards are not available, then delivery from the warehouse takes 15-20 days. The final delivery address is discussed through technical support (For non-CIS countries, delivery will take longer)