Cheat BYSTER Legit for Arena Breakout

We present to you BYSTER Legit – the perfect cheat for the Arena Breakout game! This reliable and easy-to-use software will provide you with safe and new features without causing problems due to dangerous functionality. Enjoy the game to the fullest, knowing that BYSTER Legit is your faithful assistant!

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 21H2 + / 11 21H2 +
Intel & AMD
Game mode: window
Spoofer: built-in
Nvidia & AMD


Vector AIM
Ability to assign AIM keys
FOV slider
Smoothness slider
Distance slider
Aim through walls
Weapon recoil adjustment


Display name
Display bot levels
Display boxes
Display health bar
Display weapon in hand
Display skeletons
Distance slider
Display enemy ammo
Ammo indicator


Distance slider for item display
View inventory of players and bots
Show item value when hovering over in inventory
Loot value display adjustment
Display enemy inventory value
Display own inventory value
Button to enable/disable ItemESP
Display corpses
Display value on corpses
Corpse distance slider
Display weapons
Display weapon modules
Display ammo
Display armor
Display vests/bags
Display containers
Display safes
Display pockets
Display icons
Display other items


Cheat menu bind
Scaling adjustments (for 4k monitors)
Save config