Cheat MASON for Hunt: Showdown

The MASON cheat for the game Hunt: Showdown is an opportunity for players to gain an advantage over rivals CHEAPLY. It offers unique features and capabilities that allow you to win the game quickly and easily.

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 x62 2004 - 21H2
Intel & AMD
Game mode: borderless
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer


Enabled | Enabling the aim assistant
Aim prediction | Goal anticipation
Aim key | Aimbot trigger key
Aim radius | Aimbot trigger radius
Aim precision | Aimbot aiming accuracy


Enabled | Enabling ESP
Force silhouettes | enabling the outline of players and selected mobs 
Show prediction marker | displaying the lead point
Show bounding box | displaying a square on the opponent
Show players | displaying players
Show clues | displaying hints for finding the boss
Show grunts | displaying zombies and dogs
Show attractions | displaying birds, horses, dogs in cages
Show immolators | displaying special fire zombies
Show waterdevils | displaying special water zombies
Show special grunts | displaying bosses
Show weapons | displaying weapons on the ground
Show supply boxes | displaying first aid kits and ammunition boxes
Show world items | display of various objects (axes, lamps, etc.)
Show extraction | display output
Show explodables | display explosive barrels
Show beartraps | display traps
Show distance | display the distance to the target
Ignore dead players | do not display dead players
Distance limit | distance limit for displaying objects and opponents


Enabled | Enabling other functionality
Zoom | Camera zoom (like binoculars)
Zoom key | Camera zoom button


Save cpu |Slow down cheat by reducing the CPU load
Show cross | Display the crosshair
Show fov | Display the radius of the aimbot