MELONITY is a powerful cheat for Dota 2. Unique features will increase your efficiency in the game. Auto-prediction of projectiles, optimal positioning and excellent visibility of opponents will help you win. Gain invulnerability and dominance on the battlefield with MELONITY, an innovative cheat for Dota 2.

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: built-in
Nvidia & AMD


Automatic item theft
Uses abilities and items in enemies under the control effect to extend its
Display an exclamation mark next to the hero if the damage of abilities is enough to kill
Prevents incorrect pressing of abilities
Automatic purchase of king experience
Script that helps in using some items, such as Abuz armlet, etc
When holding the key, directs illusions in different directions, in the main character follows the cursor
The script automates the mechanics of hit > run. The script will move the character behind the cursor or to the enemy in the interval between attacks, without spending dps
Automatically breaks the tree set by the enemy


Script for automatic stack of forest camps by controlled units
Displays the current location of linear creeps on the minimap
Script for automatic taps of small forest creeps to creeps from the line
Displays various information on linear creeps (For example: The ID of the finishing opportunity)
Displays hints on forest creeps (The time before their stack, which creeps will spawn next)


Displays a customizable effect around you (Partial) if you are seen by enemy heroes also displays the True Sight effect (If you are standing under the sentry / heme)
Script displaying information about enemy heroes in the fog of war, relying on used abilities, teleports, attacks of neutral creeps, etc.
Displaying hidden abilities (For example: SunStrike Invoker illumination)
Displays the wards set by the enemy
By the amount of experience gained for creeps, determines whether there are still enemy heroes within a radius of 1500. Shows the effect on enemies
The script hides the camp icon from the minimap if it is protected by the enemy in the fog of war
Highlighting the real hero, as well as highlighting illusions in any desired color
The script will draw the position of objects
Draws lines of routes that can be followed in forests, on side lines
The script automatically calculates the trajectory of the enemy courier and displays it on the minimap (Works if the courier was spotted)
The script displays the expected position and timer until the characters respawn on the enemy fountain
Displays various events on the map (For example: Setting the Templar Assasin trap)


Script replaces standard tree models with any models from the list
Script for unlocking Dota+
Script to unlock all cosmetic items
Makes the dota assume that sv_cheats is enabled (For example, for some console commands)
Script to move the camera to the desired distance
Automatic acceptance of the match
Script will automatically give five to an ally or enemy
Script automatically uses Glyph if the very first T1 is on the edges of destruction. As soon as the first T1 is destroyed, Dota will update the Glyph recharge
Script to automatically start searching for the next game
Fixes the ban due to which the summoned creatures have invulnerability of the fountain and it is impossible to select them
Script to change river models
Script for automatic theft of runes
Collection of mini-games
Allows you to open all the heroes for a peak on a new account
Script for changing weather effects
Script for automatically leveling abilities and buying items from quick purchase


Script sends a roll to the chat and cleans it, if the value is less than the one selected in the menu. The script can continue to send the roll to the chat until a new value drops out.
Allows you to apply some abilities (For example: Puja Hook, Windranger arrow) in any direction and at the same time not to deploy the character in the direction of their application.
Automates some actions of your courier, in addition there is the possibility of configuring combos through the courier
Displays the roles of enemy players (Rating)
Players in search (When the search window opens, it will show the number of players in the search)


Infoscreen for weak PCs
Displaying enemy items with a separate panel
Displays information about the number of received /lost PTS during the game
Displays the effects that affect the enemy, as well as their duration
At the peak stage displays a panel with player statistics


The script automatically evades or uses an item/ability to avoid enemy initiation/use of an ability/item
Saves allies from fatal damage to abilities, camps, ults
The script will automatically throw selected disables at enemies within the radius of using the selected abilities
Automatically disables the enemy during his initiation (For example: Uses hex for him)


The script is designed for your allies, when using it for your allies, various actions will automatically be indicated on the minimap (For example: Enemy teleports will be drawn)
The script will inform you about the current status of the runes. (Whether they have been selected, notify you of their imminent appearance, etc.)
Will display hints for you on places to install wards


Menu opening button
Button to open the binds sheet
Developer mode
HUD Settings
OBS Bypass for streamers




The script will write without stopping /roll in chat
Script is designed for ruin games

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