Cheat MASON for Dead by Daylight

Mason is a simple and reliable cheat for the game Dead by Daylight (DbD), optimized specifically for weak PCs. This cheat will allow you to enjoy an improved gaming experience, even if you have limited computer resources.

Cheat status: Updating

Windows: 10 1903-22h2 / 11 21H2-22H2
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
steam, epic games, microsoft
Nvidia & AMD


Activate the aimbot
Set the key for the aimbot
Set the radius of the aimbot


Activate ESP functions
Display survivors
Display killer
Display Generator
Display exit
Display hidden exit (hatch)
Display hooks
Display pallets
Display cabinets
Display totems (including HEX)
Display windows, openings
Display creatures summoned by assassins
Display a line up to players
Display distance
Display radar


Activate other functionality
Remove skillcheck from the game
Reduce CPU load by slowing down the operation of the software
Crosshair display
Display the radius of operation of the aim assistant
The position of the radar horizontally
The position of the radar vertically