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Cheat ANUBIS for Farlight 84

The Anubis cheat for Farlight 84 on PC is the perfect combination of functionality and reliability. The developers of the application have provided it with full compatibility with the game client, which guarantees simplicity and ease of use.

Cheat status: Frozen

Windows: 10 20H2, 21H1, 21H2, 22H2 / 11
Intel & AMD
Game mode: windowborderless
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer

Cheat is frozen. Purchase is not possible.

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Separated ESP for Players, AI, and Friends
Box (Full Box and Corners)
Full bone Visibility Check
Team ID
Health Bar (Horizontal and Vertical)
Shield Bar (Colored by shield level)
Carried Weapon Name
Current Weapon Ammo
Hero Name
In Game ID
Enemy Platform
Aiming at you warning
Screen and Offscreen Radar
Full customizable Pickup Items and Vehicles
Fight Mode with levels included
Game Statistics


Silent Aimbot
Memory Aimbot
Mouse Event Aimbot
Skip AI and Knocked Enemies option
Limit Aimbot to Max Distance
Switch Aimbot Target Bone
Head, Neck, Chest, Pelvis
Aim Nearest to Crosshair
Customization to Z Position
Skip invisible enemy
Control the aimbot with hotkey


Instant Hit
No Recoil
No spread
Instant Reload
Rapid Fire
God View
High Jump
Fast Run
Fake Latency


Mobile Spoofer: Spoofs your client to mobile versions, allowing you to enter mobile servers with full mobile features (currently in beta but works like a charm)
Control the cheat UI (Font Borders)
Save and Load settings/configs