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Cheat NOVA for Fortnite

Improve your Fortnite game with a secure NOVA cheat that bypasses the OBS entry. This cheat is suitable for both tournaments and regular games, and will help you reach new heights. Have maximum fun with NOVA. WORKS ONLY ON THE NOVA MOD VERSION

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 2004 - 21H1
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
nova mod launcher
Nvidia & AMD


Toggle Triggerbot
Always On/Off
Customizable Triggerbot HotKey
Customize Triggerbot Max Distance


Toogle Aimbot
Toogle Controller Support
Select Bone
Full Auto Aim
Toogle Visibility Check
Customize Aimbot Smoothnes
Toggle FOV
Show FOV Circle
Customize FOV
Customize FOV Circle Color
Customize Aimbot Max Distance
Set Aimbot Hotkey
Toggle Weapon Configuration


Toogle Player ESP
Toogle & Customize ESP Box
Toogle & Customize Skeleton Box
Draw Snaplines
Draw Outline
Toggle Skeleton
Customize ESP Distance
Customize ESP Border Thickness
Customize Skeleton Thickness
Customize Box Width
Toogle Ammo Boxes
Toogle Chests
Toogle Vehicles
Toogle Ground & Other Loot
Customize Loot ESP Distance


Customize Color
Set Controller Aimbot Hotkey to Left Trigger or Right Trigger
Performance Render, render the cheat for only thats visible on screen
Save / Load Settings Config