Cheat COFFEE for Escape From Tarkov: Arena

Buy a Coffee cheat for the Escape from Tarkov: Arena game and get an advantage over other players. Cheat Coffee has many features that will help you win battles and earn more loot. With Cheat Coffee, you can see enemies through walls, shoot without recoil and much more.

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Disk format: GPT
Bios: UEFI
Nvidia & AMD


ESP Font Size
AI Box
Player Box
AI Healthbar
Player Healthbar
Player&AI Name/Distance
Player&AI Inventory
Player&AI Weapon
Look Direction Ray
Player Color
Player Distance Cap
AI Color
AI Distance Cap
Boss Color
Exfil Points
Exfils Color
Exfil Distance Cap
Loot On/Off
Loot Outline
Use Price per slot
Show container names
Corpses distance
Corpses Color
Container Name Color
Loot Distance Cap
Loot Minimal Price (PgUp/PgDn)
Always Show Active Quest Items
Quest Locations


V1 speedhack (1.8x)
Instant Examine
Disable ADS
Extra Lean (Q/E)
Extra Lean Offset
Inf. Stamina
Loot Through Walls
Modify Recoil
No Sway/Breath
No Visor
Thermal Vision ( with hotkey )
Flyhack ( with hotkey )
Enemy Chams
Local Player Chams
Loot Item Chams
Corpse Chams
Bullet Tracers
Ammo Quick Load & Unload
FOV Changer
Instant FOV Change On/off
Normal FOV
Aiming FOV (Approx.)
No Inertia
No Gun Malfunction
No Sprint Block (Run n' Gun)
Time changer
Time changer Time
High Jump
Double Search
Jump Height
Show ammo count
Show aimfov
Show crosshair


Silent aimbot
Aimkey selection
Aimbone (head or nearest)


Add an item to config by name
Override distance cap, color, font size for given item


Opacity settings
Size (Pixels)
Scale (Pixel to meters)