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Cheat WARCHILL for War Tundra

A multifunctional cheat for WarThunder with a Ring0 driver for displaying ESP and simulating a mouse. Each player will receive their own bootloader, a working module and a driver with unique hash amounts and a port for connecting to the system. The program is designed to protect accounts with expensive technology from detection, as well as for streamers, esports players and ordinary players who want to increase their efficiency in the game. The $300 version has a bypass of the OBS entry This product can be tested for free in arcade mode:

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Intel & AMD
Game mode: windowborderless
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Nvidia & AMD


Mouse activation
Prediction manager
Ballistic manager
Smart humanizer
Shell updater
Bomb prediction
Bomb power calculator
Rocket controller


Smart 3d boxes
Visibility check
Cache manager
Distance & Vehicle name
Aim point
Out of screen warning


Fps manager
Randomizer & Focus manager