Cheat RING for COD: MW2

Super smooth cheat for Modern Warfare 2. It has everything you would expect, proper visibility check, reliable aimbot, screenshot protection. So you will definitely be safe when using our cheat. To top it all off, our cheat comes with a working HWID Spoofer to protect you from HWID/Shadow bans!

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Game mode: any
Spoofer: built-in
Disk format: GPT
Nvidia & AMD


Aim hotkey - aim button
Field-of-view - fov
Aim smoothing
Target selector - target selection
Lock target - target lock
Switch target delay after kill - delay in switching targets after killing
Draw crosshair - show crosshair
Show snaplines - show snaplines to players
Visibility bone scan - visibility checks
Aim at specific bone - select a bone

Character ESP

Battlemode - combat mode
Max render distance - maximum render distance distance
Max healthbar render distance - health display distance
Max name render distance - name rendering distance
Max info render distance - information display distance
Healthbar position - health position
Healthbar style - health style
Max bones render distance - health display distance
Bone style - skeleton styles

Loot ESP

Battlemode - combat mode


Battlemode - combat mode
Weapon - weapon
No recoil - no recoil
map - map
Show all players - show all players