Cheat PHOENIX for ARK Survival: Evolved

According to the developer, their goal was to make a good VX with all the necessary visual functions. It seems that everything worked out. In the cheat there is an ESP for players, dinosaurs, loot and items. Everything you need for a comfortable game is present. Also, the program is regularly updated and acquires new features, so the list of functions will be expanded in the future.

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Steam, Epic Game
Nvidia & AMD

VKH players

Sleeping - sleeping to show players
Dead - show dead players
Boxes show players using squares
Skeleton - show players behind walls with skeletons
Head Dot - draw a dot on the head of the characters
Name - show nicknames of other characters
Health - show health of other players
Distance - the distance to enemies
Ammo - ammo players with weapons
Snaplines - lines to other characters

INPUT the dinosaurs

Walking dino - show land of the dinosaurs
Flying dino - display flying dinosaurs
Water dino - highlight aquatic animals
Health - show health dinosaurs
Distance - displays the distance to dinosaur
Snaplines - line sweetheart animals
Dino level - displays the level of the dinosaurs
Tamed - show tame dinosaurs or not
Dino filter - the filter of dinosaurs on various parameters

VKH loot and objects

Dropped Items - show lying on the ground LUT
Death Loot - show loot from dead players
Supply Crate - show supply crates
Storage Box - to see the boxes for storage in the walls
Turret - display turrets behind walls and obstacles
BeeHive is to show the location of the hives
Sleeping bag - sleeping bags display
Distance - see the distance in meters to the displayed objects
Snaplines - line to all the things shown with MSB


Render Distance - distance setting where you can see certain kinds of objects
Customization - ability to select any color for any of the types of objects that displays wallhack