Cheat RING for RUST

In cheat on rast there is an aimbot with which you will dominate the game and easily kill enemies. Aimbot calculates bullet ballistics and target movement!

Cheat status: Detected

Windows: 10 / 11
Game mode: any
Spoofer: built-in
Nvidia & AMD


Anticipation for the aimbot for the movement of targets
Anticipation for the aimbot for the distance to the target
Smoothness of the aim
Aimbot activation button
Visibility Check
Viewing angle for aim
Bone selection for aim
Shows the FOV area of aim


Shows players
Shows animals
Shows cabinets
Shows caches

2D Box

Shows air drop, weapons, loot, boxes
Shows the skeleton of the player
Shows the distance to the targets
Shows weapons in the hands of


The ability to climb walls
Disabling the swing of the gun sight
Disabling recoil
Disabling the spread of bullets in weapons
Always day
Setting the size of the bullet hitbox
Enabling the camera's debug
Disabling fall damage
Flying camera
Coordinates your position
Sight in the center of the screen
Panic Key - Completely unloads the cheat from the game
Teleportation of bullets to the heads
Automatic farm ores
Automatically collect cloth, stone and other resources from the ground
Quickly treated with syringes or bandages
Instant lifting of your ally