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Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: built-in
Nvidia & AMD


Enable/Disable The Aimbot
Enable/Disable Silent Aim
Aimbot Targets NPC/Bots/Scientists
Save Current Target if New One Enters FOV
Remove All Smoothing
Check if Enemy is Visible
Aimbot Wont Target Knocked Players
Remove Weapon Recoil
Remove Weapon Spread
Remove Weapon Sway
Draw The Circle FOV
Draw a Simple + Crosshair
Draw a Line to Target
Make The Aimbot Less/More Legit Looking
Customize The Recoil Control Amount
Choose The Hitbox Aimbot Will Target
Aimbot Will Predict Player Movement/Bullet Drop
Percentage Amount The Aimbot Will Hit an Enemy
Percentage Amount The Aimbot Will Headshot an Enemy


Activate/Disable The ESP
Corner Box
Choose Font Sizes/Line Thickness/Box Type
Font Size/Max Distance
Display Enemy Chams
Remove Downed Players From ESP Display
Display Enemies Held Weapon
Display Enemy Name
Display Enemy Health
Display Team ESP Off/On
Display Sleeping Players
More Display Options
Activate/Disable NPC/Scietist ESP
Choose Font Sizes/Line Thickness/Box Type
Font Size/Max Distance


Activate/Disable The ESP
Customizable: Font Size/Max Distance
Ore/Ore Type
World Drop
Air Drops
Traps/Trap Types
Vehicles/Vehicle Types
Animals/Animal Types
Tool Cupboard
Crates/Crate Types
Barrels/Barrel Types


Rapid Fire/Instant Hit
Hold For Semi Auto to Full Auto
Shoot While Jumping/In Air
0/1 Tap Eoka Instant Shoot
Shoot While Mounted
Inreased Melee Distance


Inreased Gravity/Slower Fall
Remove All Fall Damage
Climb Buildings (Become Spiderman)
Multiplied Jump Height


Allow Use of Admin Commands
Player View Becomes 3rd Person
Increased Star/Moon Ambience
Choose Time of Day
Change FOV


Out of Screen