Cheat FLAMINGO for Dayz

Achieve maximum success in the DAYZ game with the help of the FLAMINGO cheat. Improve your efficiency with teleportation, AIM, WH and other features offered by FLAMINGO. Use its flexible customization to create the perfect gaming environment. Buy the FLAMINGO cheat now and make your game invincible!

Cheat status: Frozen

Windows: 10 x64 / 11 x64
Intel & AMD (AVX2)
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Nvidia & AMD

Cheat is frozen. Purchase is not possible.

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Magic Bullets
On Players
On Zombies
On Animals
Visible check
Limit Aimbot Distance
Aimbot key
Hitbox switch key


Enable esp box on players
Enable on zombies
Enable esp cars
Enable esp skeleton
Enable esp name
Enable esp weapon
Enable esp corpse
Corpse render distance
Enable Esp Distance
Outline box
Filled box
Corner box
Corner factor
Enable show fov
Enable show server info
Enable show local player pos


Enable esp loot
Enable esp quality
Enable use render distance
Max Distance
Enable Esp Distance
Disable Loot esp by key
Disable loot bind
Vehicle Parts


Enable Speedhack
Speed Multiply
Enable no grass
Enable Always day
Set custom day
Enable World Brightness
World Brightness
Enable Fov Changer
Fov Value
Use Esp text localization
Enable Unlock thirdperson
Enable freecam
Freecam key
Activate by hold,toggle,always
Enable Noclip
Noclip speed
Activate by hold,toggle,always


Teleport to player
Player TP key
Teleport To corpse
Corpse TP key
Teleport to Local Corpse
Local corpse tp key
Teleport To loot
Loot tp key
Teleport to waypoint
Waypoint tp key
Set waypoint key
Teleport players
Mass players tp key
Teleport zombies
Mass zombie tp key
Teleport animals
Mass animal tp key
Teleport loot
Mass loot tp key