Cheat PHOENIX for Dayz

A private cheat for the game Dayz. In this cheat on daisy, you will find good functionality and an acceptable cost of the cheat. The cheat on Dayz includes all the necessary functions for a comfortable game.

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Nvidia & AMD

BX on Players (WH)

Player ESP - VS players
Enabled - enable/disable ESP
Local - display your box
Boxes - show enemy boxes
Filled - fully filled boxes
Skeleton - drawing skeletons
Distance - distance to targets in meters
Dead - showing dead enemies
Name ESP - nicknames of other people
Render Distance - selection of the working distance of the VX(up to 1000m)

World ESP(Objects on the map)

Zombie ESP - show zombies
Vehicles - location of transport
Animals - information about animals
Cities Chernarus - cities on on the map of Chernorus
Cities Livonia - cities on the map of Livonia
Name - names of displayed objects
Distance - distance to objects
Render Distance - limit world esp

Aimbot(Silent Aim)

Aimbot - aiming at enemies when shooting
Enabled - enable/disable Aim
Silent Aim - defeat the enemy without aiming
Max Distance - maximum working distance of aim
On Zombies - works against Zombies
On Players - works against people
FOV - working area of aim
Bone - selecting a body part for aiming
Draw FOV - draw FOV(circle around the sight)
Target Color - illumination of targets available for hitting

ESP on Loot(Loot ESP)

items ESP - display of objects around you
Item Filter - filtering of displayed loot
Loot Quality - quality of displayed items
Weapons - show weapons
Melee - edged weapons(melee)
Attachments - body kits for guns
Ammo - illumination of cartridges
Clothes - clothing
Backpacks - backpacks and bags
Food - location food
Drinks - coordinates of the drying plant
Medical - items related to medicine
Vehicle Parts - spare parts for cars
Building - player buildings and building materials
Others - other items

Misc(Other software functions)

Time - change the time of day
No Grass - disable grass
Colors - detailed color settings for all functions
Language - supports Russian and English
Detailed Settings - each function can be configured in detail