Cheat BC for APEX

BC is a powerful tool that will help you quickly reach the heights of gaming skill. With it, you can get an unlimited amount of game resources, get access to the highest levels in the game and become a real hero of the virtual world of Apex Legends. The BC cheat is a quick access to tons of exclusive features that will add a new palette of possibilities to you

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 только х64 1903,1909,2004,20H2-22H2 / 11 только х64 21H2,22H2
Intel & AMD
Game mode: windowfullscreen
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Steam, Origin
Nvidia & AMD


Enable this tab
Show players nicknames
Disable the display of NPC
the Distance to opponents
to Display the skeleton of the players
Enable the system warning
the Line of sight direction
Enable display of those who are watching you
the Circle in the center of the head
setting range display of the player
2D squares around enemies
the Health of enemies
the Amount of armor opponents
Lines to visible players


Display radar
the Distance on the radar
Editor distances radar
Change the scale of the radar
the position of the radar on the X-axis
the position of the radar Y
the size of the radar


to Include loot [F4 Key]
Sights for weapons
Show everything else
the ability to change the display range of the LUT


Fake "duck"
Free camera
the View from the 3rd person
Infinite ammo charging rifle
Enable skinchanger
Choose the type of skin
Change skin
Hang in the air
press the Set key to hang in the air
the Crosshairs
To display the text
work Area aimbot
Menu key "F6" or "Insert"
To disable the whole Chita press "0"


To enable aimbot
Ignore choknutyj
Disable rocking
Enable check aimbot on your team
Range aimbot
Smooth pickup aimbot
work Area aimbot