A full-fledged Phoenix cheat for the APEX Legends game, which has a wide range of functions, including aimbot and Visible Check, allowing you to see and control the actions of rivals even through walls and other obstacles. Advanced features of the Phoenix cheat on APEX will give you a great aimbot quality, advanced cheat settings, an excellent raid radar map, and much more. With the help of a full-fledged cheat

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 20h1-22h2 / 11 21h2-22h2
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Steam, Origin, EA App Launcher


Aimbot - a function that helps to aim at enemies when shooting
Prediction - predicts enemy movements, allows you to more accurately aim at moving targets
Fov Radius - draws a circle on the screen that shows the radius of the aimbot's operation. lt;br /gt;PSilent - silent aim. Aimbot mode, in which bullets fly at targets, but the sight is not aimed at them
RCS - recoil control system during aim operation
Color Fov - color selection for a circle showing the radius of the aimbot
FOV - the radius of capturing targets with an aimbot
Smooth - the smoothness of aiming the sight at the target with a cheat. The higher the value, the smoother and slower the aiming
HChance - hitshance. If silent aim is enabled, this is a chance of hitting the target. If silent is not enabled, then this parameter gives randomness to hits on hitboxes
Key - the choice of the key responsible for activating the aim. If the key is pressed - aim works
Bone - selection of the body part for which aim will work in priority


ESP - this tab is responsible for ESP functions. Various visual functions that are drawn on top of the game
Dist - this slider adjusts the distance of the vx in meters
Box - highlighting opponents using boxes
Meters - displaying the distance to enemy characters in meters
Snaplines - lines connecting you to targets
Weapon - shows which weapon is currently in the hands of the enemy
Health bar - displaying the HP strip of players
Shield Bar - displaying the shield strip


Glow - here the outline of enemy models is configured
Enable - this parameter activates the outline of enemies
Dist - setting the distance of the function in meters
Knockouted - color selection for characters who are knocked down
Low Health - color of opponents with low health stock
Medium health - color of opponents with low hp
Hight Health - the color of characters with a high stock of hitpoints
Loot Glow ESP - tracing loot behind walls with the help of bx


Misc - additional functions are configured here
Specator list - displaying a list of viewers. It does not work very accurately
Teammates - the color of the backlight of the teammates using ESP
Mini-tab menu - includes the status of the enabled functions on the screen
Trigger Bot - a function that makes auto-firing if the enemy is in sight