Cheat RING for PUBG

Advantages of the cheat Protection based on the latest HyperVisor technology Fully customizable ESP for all objects in the game An excellent aimbot that will help defeat the enemy All this is in our RING software

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Game mode: any
Spoofer: built-in
Disk format: GPT
Nvidia & AMD


Aimbot activation button
Line up to the player
Ignore knockouts
Show FOV
Fix aim on target
Maximum range of action of the aimbot
Visibility Check
Bone Selection
Settings allow you to create 2 different aimbot configurations and set your own button


Bypass OBS
ESP opponents
Show teammates on ESP
The distance of the health line display
The distance at which it will be displayed skeletons and boxes
Design of the health strip
Design of boxes
ESP loot and machines
Global settings
Hot button on/off ESP
Group loot into a list
Turn off loot in the field of view
Transparency of inscriptions
Settings of any of the loot categories
Display the distance nearby with the name
Always show in FOV
Maximum display distance
Machine display settings


Radar design
Display size
Radar size
Radar offset from the edge
Transparency of the radar background
Location of the radar on the screen
Type of radar (circle, square)
Display of players on the radar
Color of opponents on the radar
Size of the enemy icon
Design of the enemy icon


Weapon recoil setting