PHOENIX WH is a cheat for the PUBG game that allows players to gain an unfair advantage in the game. Phoenix cheat is an alternative name for this cheat. It provides the ability to use various functions, such as aimbot, wallhack and others, which allows players to see through walls, set tags and much more.

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Steam, Kakao

Wallhack(VX) on players

Players ESP - gives various information about enemies
Boxes - highlighting characters behind walls and obstacles using boxes
Filled - if this option is active, the background of the boxes will be filled with a dark translucent color
Show Bots - esp feature that allows you to distinguish bots from players, near the boxes of bots will be signed bot
Distance - shows the distance to other people in meters
Health - shows the number of hitpoints from other players
Health Style - selection of the style for displaying the number of hp (display with a strip, text and text + strip is available)
Weapon - show what weapons enemies have in their hands
Skeleton - highlight people by superimposing skeletons on top of their models
Visible Check - enemies in line of sight and behind walls will be painted in different colors
Knocked - if there is a tick here, then the vx will work against knockout players
Snaplines - a kind of wallhack in the form of lines from your model to rival models
Max Distance - allows you to limit the range of esp functions
Enemy Only - esp features only work against enemy players

World(Various objects on the map)

Vehicles - show where the vehicles are
Vehicle Name - shows the name of the transport
Vehicle Distance - shows the distance to cars and other vehicles
Airdrop - gives information about where the airdrop fell
Airdrop Distance - the distance to the airdrop
Airdrop Items - allows you to see what lies inside the airdrop
Max Distance - you can limit the range of work wallhack for both transport and airdrop

Dropped Items(Loot, Items)

Dropped Items - this cheat function allows you to see where different loot lies
Items Distance - shows the distance to loot
Armor 1 LVL - show armor of the first level(body armor, helmets, backpacks)
Blade - illumination of edged weapons
Pistols - gives information about the location of pistols
Submachine - shows submachine guns
Shotguns - shows shotguns
Rifles - gives information about the location of assault rifles
Snipers - show where sniper weapons are lying
Scopes - various sights and optics
Medicine - large and small first aid kits, bandages, painkillers, energy drinks and syringes with adrenaline
Attachments - all other modifications for weapons
Limit Distance - allows you to limit the range of operation of the bx on loot


Spectators - show how many players are watching your game
Crosshair - constantly draw the sight exactly in the middle of the screen
Hotkeys - binding keys to activate the vx on players, transport, airdrop and loot
Colors - color selection for visible and invisible players, their skeletons, transport, airdrop, loot and sight in the middle of the screen
Language - cheat menu for PUBG supports 2 languages: English and Russian