Cheat BC BF1 for Battlefield

A private cheat for the Battlefield 1 game from competent developers. This cheat on battlefield 1 will show all players, radar, aimbot, without scatter and recoil and other functions. BYPASSES THE OBS RECORD!

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Nvidia & AMD


Showing names
ESP on your team
Showing distance
Strip of lives
ESP in the form of a box
ESP in the form of a 3D box
Lines up to the players​
Skeleton display
The color of the enemy that is not visible
The color of the enemy that is visible
The color of the equipment that is not visible
Crosshair size​
Crosshair Color​
Your team's color


Enabling/disabling radar
Background for radar
Grid for radar
Display of equipment
Radar in the center of the screen
Point in the center of the radar
Visibility zone on the radar
Radar Size
Radar Point Size
Radar Background Color
Radar Grid color
Radar position on the X axis
Radar position on the Y axis
Setting the display scale


To make the aimbot work, turn on the Switch Target
Enable aimbot​
Automatic triggering of the aimbot
Automatic shooting shooting
The aimbot works only for those who are in sight
The Aimbot will switch to the next target (according to the priority set) if the current the target has disappeared from sight or died
The aimbot does not switch to another target while it is fixed on the active target
The aimbot aiming speed
The working angle of the aimbot
The delay of the automatic shot
Standard key for the aimbot
Additional key for the aimbot
The aimbot area (Head,Neck,Torso,Left Shoulder,Chest,Left Hip,Right Hip)​
Aimbot style (near the crosshair, nearest target,lowest health)​


Without scatter​
Without recoil
Shooting at the enemy and no matter where, all murders will occur strictly in the head
Shooting at the enemy and no matter where, all murders will occur anywhere except the head​
The ability to set the level of damage to players​


Saving cheat settings
Loading saved cheat settings
The ability to set its button to open the cheat menu