Cheat BC Hardline for Battlefield

The best private cheat for battlefield hardline. Player illumination, aimbot, no recoil, no scatter, autonoge and more - all this you will find in our cheat for battlefield hardline. BYPASSES THE OBS RECORD!

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Nvidia & AMD


Showing names
ESP on your team
Showing distance
Strip of lives
ESP in the form of a box
AIM point showing where it is better to shoot
Showing the names of equipment
Performance alert
Showing skeletons on players
The color of the opponent that is not visible
The color of the opponent that is visible
The color of the equipment that is not visible
The color of the technique that is visible
The size of the crosshair​
Crosshair Color​
Your team's color


ON/OFF Aimbot
AIM works only for those who are in sight
AIM does not switch to another target while fixed on the current target
AIM on equipment
AIM will not switch to another the player, until the active
Modifier of the number of bullets fired at a time
Random shots
AIM priority zone
AIM aiming speed
AIM Angle
Auto-firing delay
Number of bullets for Bullet mod
Standard key for AIM
Additional key for AIM
AIM zone (Head,Neck,Torso,Left Shoulder,Chest,Left Hip,Right Hip)​
AIM style (near the crosshair, nearest target,lowest health)​


Without recoil
Without scatter​
Adjustment of these options
Auto-tag the enemy
Tag ignoring walls​
Displaying opponents on the mini-map
Unlocking all skins, as well as add-ons for weapons​
Super Jump
Enables HUD on hardcore servers (displaying minimap, lives, etc.)
Automatic jumping out of equipment
The time interval when the marking of opponents will take place​
Setting the angle of marking opponents​
The ability to set at how many percent of life, the player will automatically jump out of the technique
The atomic range of the knife
Regulation of the super jump


Enabling/disabling radar
Background for radar
Grid for radar
Display of equipment
Radar in the center of the screen
Point in the center of the radar
Visibility area on the radar
Radar size
Size of radar points
Color Radar Background
Radar grid color
Radar position on the X axis
Radar position on the Y axis
Visibility frame color
Zoom Setting display


Saving cheat settings
Loading saved cheat settings
Possibility set your button to open the cheat menu