Cheat BC BF4 for Battlefield

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Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 1903,1909,2004,20H2,21H1
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Nvidia & AMD


Showing names
ESP on your team
Showing distance
Strip of lives
ESP in the form of a box
Lines up to the players​
Skeleton display
AIM point showing where it is better to shoot
The color of the enemy that is not visible
The color of the enemy that is visible
The color of the equipment that is not visible
The color of the equipment that is visible
The size of the crosshair​
Crosshair Color​
The color of your team
Showing explosives
Showing ESP on first aid kits /ammunition/special weapons that appear on the map
Showing ESP on bullets
Highlighting of unique tokens (they are only on the DLC cards "Final Stand")​
Display of gadgets​


Disabling the mouse when aiming
Without scatter​
Without recoil
Adjustment of these options (the smaller the parameter, the less recoil and spread will be)​
Auto mark opponents​
Tag opponents ignoring walls​
Afterburner or turbo (does not let you press the brake if active)​
Automatic jumping out of equipment
Displaying opponents on the game mini-map
Replenishing health for yourself when firing a weapon or waving a knife (works automatically when turned on)​
Magic bullets (Shooting within a radius of 1-1.5m from the enemy, bullets will fly at him. Works only on BULLETS, including with equipment)​
Similar to Magic Bullets, but the murders occur strictly in the head
When shooting at their allies, they will replenish their health;​
Teleporting in the direction of view
Ping substitution on the server
Makes you invisible to opponents (works only with the default skin)​
Allows you to select gadgets that are not available for this class
The time interval when the mark of opponents will pass​
The ability to fly
Endless rounds​
Setting the working angle of marking opponents​
The speed that will be supported by the jet​
The ability to set at how many percent of life, the player will automatically jump out of the equipment
Set the key for the assistant jet
Set the key for magic bullets
Set the key for teleportation
Set the key for super jump
Set the key for flying​


Enable AIM
Auto AIM
Auto shooting
AIM works only for those who are in sight
AIM does not switch to another target while fixed on the current target
AIM on equipment
AIM does not switch to another target while fixed on the current target, the number of bullets and projectiles from the equipment flying out in one shot changes (effectively against infantry only), the ability to install all types of ammunition for the main weapon on the equipment (for example: a tank will shoot three shells in one shot - sub-caliber, armor-piercing, explosive.)​
AIM aiming speed
AIM working angle
Adjustment of the number of bullets and shells per shot (equipment only)
Standard key for AIM
Additional key for AIM
AIM Area (Head,Neck,Torso,Left Shoulder,Chest,Left Hip,Right Hip)​
AIM style (near the crosshair, nearest target,lowest health)​


Enabling/disabling radar
Background for radar
Grid for radar
Display of equipment
Radar in the center of the screen
Point in the center of the radar
Visibility zone on the radar
Radar size
Radar Dot Size
Radar Background color
Radar Grid color
Radar position on the X axis
Radar position on the Y axis
Setting the display scale


Saving cheat settings
Loading saved cheat settings
The ability to set your button to open the cheat menu