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Cheat AUTHORITY smg for Escape from Tarkov

Cheat from the developer of the MURKWARE cheat, new execution, new team. Improved functionality and a new bypass. Price/Quality is a decent option.

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: built-in
Nvidia & AMD


Aim button
Choosing a bone
Instant hit
Silent aim
Checking visibility
Trigger distance
FOV displays
Displaying the target's dice
Displaying the line to the goal


Choosing the type of boxes
Visibility of the boxes
Filling the boxes
Number of cartridges in the weapon
K/D Counter
Inventory costs
Fraction Display
Profile Information
Health Strip
Visual work distances
Displaying grenades
Smoke grenade display
Crosshair display
The number of rounds in your weapon
Shooting mode


Built-in loot filter with different modes with the ability to select the right items to display right during the raid
Displaying items from the minimum price
Display of containers from the minimum price
Displaying corpses from the minimum price
Localization of loot.


Displaying quest items in a raid. (Not only cases, books, watches, etc.) But any quest item, be it MRE, Ledx, M4A1, etc.
Quest zones with the ability to turn on/off the taken quests.


Night vision
Thermal vision
Disable the visor
Endless endurance
Endless air
The ability to shoot while running
Changing the viewing radius
Zoom hack with zoom multiplicity setting
Loot through the walls
Instant learning
Instant search
Disable recoil
Disable rocking
Disable inertia
Fast charging/discharging of stores
Instant aiming
Displaying outputs (all or open)
Radar Display
Changing the time in the game to the desired one
Displaying a list of players in the lobby with information about the value of items inside it.


Ability to save/upload your settings
Language selection (Russian, English)
Changing the color of the cheat theme
Change the binds to the cheat menu, panic button and combat mode.