Cheat MIRA for Escape from Tarkov

Explore the dangerous territories of Escape From Tarkov with the reliable guide - Mira, a private cheat designed to improve your survival and success in the game. With Mira, you can detect enemies, move longer thanks to the endless stamina and increase your shooting accuracy with aim. Trust Mira and discover new facets of mastery in the world of EFT!

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Intel & AMD
Game mode: borderless
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer
Nvidia & AMD


Silent aim
Aim button


Player Level
K/D of the player
Party display
Displaying the account registration date
Loot display
Displaying boxes
Displaying bones
Displaying nicknames
Displaying the current loot price
Loot filter by price and name
Adjustable loot rendering distance
Customizable player rendering distance
Configurable bot rendering distance
Customizable colors
Customizable interface size
2D radar


Endless endurance