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Cheat FECURITY for Escape from Tarkov

A very powerful cheat in terms of functionality, a huge number of possibilities. If you have any questions about the functionality of the cheat, its relevance and payment methods, please contact the discord group. Works at EFT and at EFT: ARENA

Cheat status: Updated

Windows: 10 / 11
Game mode: any
Spoofer: no-in
Choose spoofer


Enable/disable aimbot
One type of aimbot (Invisible on player screen)
Automatic shot
Selecting the targets that the automatic shot will shoot at
Auto Shot Hitscan Type (Used for optimization)
Auto Shot Hitscan Speed (Used for optimization)
Customizable aimbot trigger zone
Displaying the trigger zone of the aimbot
Removes spread on shotguns
Automatically and invisibly uses knives/any melee weapon in a +-1.5m area
Enemy player ballistics and speed prediction
Aimbot distance with the ability to change
Distance of automatic shot
Unique hitscan system


Main section
Enable / disable the visual part of the cheat
When enabled, removes esp on allies
Players section
Draws a box around enemy/ally players
Enable/Disable Stroke Boxes
Shows arrows in the direction of players behind the line of sight
How far from the crosshair will OOF Arrows be drawn
Draws the skeleton of enemy/allied players
Loot section
Enabling / disabling esp for loot
3D Box around loot
Separate color for quest items (Color can be selected in the Colors tab)
The minimum price of the displayed loot
The price at which items will change color to the color of rare items (Color can be selected in the Colors tab)
The maximum distance to the loot at which it will be displayed
The maximum distance at which containers will be displayed
Button to enable/disable esp on loot
bullet section
Turn off bullet traces
Enabling players from which bullet traces will be displayed (From yourself, from enemies, from teammates)
Are common
Enabling disabling esp for mines / snipers
Display of distance to mines/snipers
Enable / disable the display of mines or snipers
Distance at which mines/snipers will be displayed
Button to enable/disable esp for mines/snipers
Enabling/disabling esp on exit zones
Filter that removes non-open outlets
Exit Information (Distance, Status (Open, Closed))
Button to enable/disable esp on exit zones
Enabling / disabling the esp for thrown grenades
Information about thrown grenades (Timer, Distance)
Maximum distance for displaying thrown grenades
ESP on/off button for thrown grenades


Quick search
Quick examination
Quick opening of containers
Fast loading / unloading of cartridges from magazines
Dynamic sight showing the direction of the weapon
Thermal imager effect
night vision effect
Enables display of remaining cartridges in the magazine and display of the type of cartridges in the magazine
Hit sound
Allows you to change the field of view
Removes delay between jumps
high jump
Jump Height Change
Allows you to change the current time in the game (0-24h)
Allows you to enable a third party by button
Allows you to loot through walls
Removes the visor effect on some helmets
Allows you to control how much % of recoil the weapon will have
Allows you to change whether % return will be added, or decreased
Infinite Stamina
The force with which thrown weapons (grenades...) will be thrown
Instant aiming
Unlocks all switches in the laboratory location
Removes the effect of congestion
Removes inertia
Removes that the weapon can break
Speedhack (Don't use it now, it will desync you with the server)
Removes fog
Allows you to shoot while running, jumping...
Allows you to aim while running, jumping...
Allows you to run with broken legs, healing...


Enable/disable loot filter
Ignore loot display distance


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