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Cheat ODIN for Escape from Tarkov

A worthy replacement for the ABS cheat, from Chinese developers, convenient controls and visuals. Unique features and functions, for example, make all your skills pumped at once! If you have any questions about the functionality of the cheat, its relevance and payment methods, please contact the discord group

Cheat status: Updating

Windows: 10 / 11
Intel & AMD
Game mode: any
Spoofer: built-in


Silent aim
Body part selection
Predictive aim
Remove recoil
Remove weapon sway ( inertia)
Bone selection (can be randomly selected by visible bone)


Combat mode
Radar on the map
Thermal vision
Day/night/night light/teplak modes
Unlimited stamina
Quest tracking (showing active quests and items on the map)
Loot through walls
Pumping skills by 100%
Remove the visor
Remaining time of the cheat


ESP in Russian
Display outputs
Display players< br />Displaying bots
Displaying bosses
Number of lives
Lines to goals
Manually adding/removing teammates
Setting distance
Number of ammo/ caliber

Filter items

Filter by price
Distance setting
Custom loot filter, via txt file with update in the raid
Loot in corpses
Corpse value/PMC
Player loot